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Ten gifs (1965)
Recueil de morceaux choisis dans l'oeuvre d'Elizabeth Goudge par Mary Baldwin
10 thèmes sont traités à partir d'extrait de ses oeuvres

A boy and a maid (Gentian Hill)
The adopted son  (Gentian Hill)
Inarticulate Love (The Scent of Water)
Cinderella and her doll (The White Witch)
Parson Hawthyn's Christmas Sermon (The White Witch)
Lucilla's Confession (The Bird in the Tree)

Job's Delight (The Dean's Watch)
Father Sprigg reads the Bible (Gentian Hill)
William and Marianne's treasure (Green Dolphin Country)
Nat runs away (Green Dolphin Country)

La beauté
Nelson's Fleet at sunset (Gentian Hill)
An eighteenth-century kitchen (Gentian Hill)
The Chapel in the Pilgrim Inn (The Herb of Grace)
The glory of sail (Green Dolphin Country)
The cliffs above Notre Dame (Green Dolphin Country)
La Baie des Petits Fleurs (Green Dolphin Country)
The Face of Reverend Mother (Green Dolphin Country)
The beauty of nature (Green Dolphin Country)

La joie
The Celestial Clock (The Dean's Watch)
Job delights the Dean (The Dean's Watch)
Andre's Poems (Island Magic)
A Carol Service (Sister of the Angels)
Winkle in the Broom Cupboard (The Rosemary Tree)
A blue bird in the garden (The Bird in the Tree)
A discovery (The Herb of Grace)
A wet day (The Heart of the Family)
Decorating the Church (The White Witch)
A Spring Morning (Make-Believe)

La compassion
The stranger at the gate (Gentian Hill)
The Abbe at Newgate Prison (Gentian Hill)
Parson Hawthyn's humanity (The White Witch)
White Witch and Black Witch (The White Witch)
A fallen sparrow (The Rosemary Tree)
Room at the Inn (The Herb of Grace)

Cousin Mary's Diary (The Scent of Water)
Companionship in fear (The Bird in the Tree)
The inner reality (The Heart of the Family)

La confiance
Faith by any other name (The Herb of Grace)
The faith of old age (The Heart of the Family)
Prior Hugh (The Dean's Watch)
The chosen clock (The Dean's Watch)
A shilling for the gas (The Castle on the Hill)

La sérénité
Isaac finds sanctuary (The Dean's Watch)
Oasis of peace (Island Magic)
By Romany firelight (The White Witch)
The Secret Garden (The Bird in the Tree)
Near to death (The Heart of the Family)

La vérité
The little things (The Scent of Water)
Squire Haslewood's letter (The White Witch)
John reflects (The Rosemary Tree)
Yoben's story (The White Witch)
When to speak out (The Herb of Grace)
Marguerite takes the veil (Green Dolphin Country)
Ben's decision (The Heart of the Family)

Le courage
The will to die (Island Magic)
The witch hunt (The White Witch)
Blind author (The Scent of Water)
Night Rescue (Gentian Hill)
Stella's punishment (Gentian Hill)
The death leap (Green Dolphin Country)